Treutlen County
Conventional System Treutlen County Fire Stations
Sheriff Frequency Tone   Business Frequency Tone   Trunked Systems    
Dispatch 155.79000     Blanchard Communications 461.10000     User Frequency Tone
  Freedom Pines 464.68750 DMR   Altamaha EMC TRS (Soperton Site) 461.77500 DMR
Fire/EMS Frequency Tone   Freedom Pines 451.23750 DMR   Altamaha EMC TRS (Soperton Site) 463.30000 DMR
Fire Dispatch 154.25000     Freedom Pines 451.31250 DMR  
  Freedom Pines 451.33750 DMR  
Local Government Frequency Tone   Freedom Pines 456.23750 DMR  
Board of Education 152.30750     Freedom Pines 456.33750 DMR  
Board of Education 151.65500      
Soperton Frequency Tone    
Police Dispatch 155.52000