Tift County
All Agencies have migrated to Tift County Phase II
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Red Indicates Encryption
Tift County
Sheriff Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Dispatch 155.41500 110.9 PL NFM
MRD 155.19000   NFM
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
EMS Dispatch 155.32500   NFM
Fire Dispatch 154.16000 162.2 PL NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
911 Center 157.47000 311 DCS NFM
Board of Education 451.23750   DMR
Board of Education 451.43750   DMR
Board of Education 451.46250   DMR
Board of Education 451.63750   DMR
Board of Education 451.73750   DMR
Board of Education 452.00000   DMR
Board of Education 452.11250   DMR
Board of Education 452.66250   DMR
Board of Education 452.78750   DMR
Board of Education 461.27500   DMR
Board of Education 461.80000   DMR
Board of Education 462.30000   DMR
Board of Education 464.00000   DMR
Board of Education School Bus 463.55000 114 DCS NFM
Police Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Dispatch 155.89500   NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Utilities 457.16250 Data NFM
Utilities 467.28750 Data NFM
Police Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Dispatch 156.00000 110.9 PL NFM
MRD 155.19000   NFM
Fire/EMS Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Fire Dispatch 154.34000 110.9 PL NFM
Local Government Usage Frequency Tone Mode
Public Works 155.82000   NFM
Water Department 217.07500 Data NFM
Water Department 217.62500 Data NFM
Aviation Henry Tift Myers Airport (KTMA) Frequency Tone Mode
KTMA 109.70000 CSQ AM
KTMA 333.20000 CSQ AM
KTMA 995.00000 CSQ AM
KTMA Approach/Departure East 126.60000 CSQ AM
KTMA Approach/Departure West 132.37500 CSQ AM
KTMA Unicom 122.70000 CSQ AM
KTMA WX AWOS-3PT Feed 458.78750   NFM
Business Company Frequency Tone Mode
Adama 451.23750   DMR
Adama 451.53750   DMR
Adama 452.03750   DMR
Adama 452.08750   DMR
Adama 452.28750   DMR
Adama 452.71250   DMR
Ag-Pro Boston 463.77500   NFM
B & B Vendors 460.85000   NFM
BASF Corporation 451.88750   NFM
Beasley Farms 158.38500   DMR
Chickasha of Georgia 462.50000   NFM
Coastal Plain Area EOA 155.26500   NFM
Colquitt EMC 152.45000   DMR
Colquitt EMC 153.63500   DMR
Colquitt EMC 153.71000   DMR
Direct Distributors 456.43750   NFM
Direct Distributors 457.63750   NFM
Direct Distributors 457.76250   NFM
Docia Inc 451.65000   NFM
Exopack 451.25000   DMR
Grab a Cab 461.87500   DMR
Grimes Auto Service 150.83000   NFM
Heatcraft Road 451.56250   DMR
Heatcraft Road 452.78750   DMR
Heatcraft Road 462.51250   DMR
JC Penney 461.58750   NFM
JC Penney 461.71250   NFM
JC Penney 461.83750   NFM
JC Penney 466.96250   NFM
JC Penney 467.22500   NFM
Jones & Jones 151.65500   NFM
Lewis Taylor Farms 460.65000   DMR
Orgill 159.57000   NFM
Orgill 159.82500   NFM
Orgill 159.94500   NFM
Orgill 159.96000   NFM
Orgill 160.09500   NFM
Plant Telephone Company 35.16000   NFM
Pond O Gold 43.10000   NFM
Rutland Aviation 461.12500   NFM
S & S Constructors 160.17750   NFM
Scruggs Concrete 463.62500   DMR
TC Transcontinental Packaging 462.90000   NFM
Tifton Aluminium Extrusions 451.43750   DMR
Tifton Aluminium Extrusions 452.08750   DMR
Tifton Aluminium Extrusions 452.68750   DMR
Tifton Aluminium Extrusions 461.32500   DMR
Tifton Aluminium Extrusions 464.42500   DMR
Tifton Aluminium Extrusions 464.77500   DMR
Utilco Inc 152.32250   NFM
Utilco Inc 151.50500   NFM
Utilco Inc 157.58250   NFM
Wal*Mart 451.68750   NFM
Wal*Mart 452.51250   NFM
Wal*Mart 452.88750   NFM
Wal*Mart 456.68750   NFM
Wal*Mart 457.88750   NFM
Wendell Robertson Farms 452.38750   NFM
Higher Education
Higher Education Higher Education Frequency Tone Mode
No FCC Records      
Hospitals Tift County Hospital Frequency Tone Mode
Security 155.76750   DMR
Trunked Radio Systems
TRS User Frequency SysID Mode
Mobile Communications of America 450MHz   DMR
Target Distribution Center 450MHz   LTR
Tift County 800MHz 673 Phase II
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