Screven County
Conventional/DMR System
(Most agencies have migrated to the DMR System)
Link to Screven County DMR System
Sheriff Frequency Tone   Business Frequency Tone   Trunked Systems
Dispatch 155.70000 173.8   Blanchard Communications 463.83750   User Frequency Tone
Jail 158.97000 173.8   Blanchard Communications 461.81250   Mobile Communications Inc 451.31250  
  Boyd Fertilizer 151.67000   Mobile Communications Inc 451.58750  
Fire/EMS Frequency Tone   Brian Cain Farm 461.37500   Mobile Communications Inc 451.86250  
  Brian Cain Farm 464.68750   Mobile Communications Inc 452.12500  
Local Government Frequency Tone   Boy Scouts of America 464.97500 DMR   Mobile Communications Inc 452.46250  
BOE 457.02500 DMR   Boy Scouts of America 464.55000 DMR   Screven Co BOE TRS 461.73750 DMR
BOE 457.33750 DMR   David Reed Co 153.30500   Screven Co BOE TRS 462.13750 DMR
BOE 467.11250 DMR   David Reed Co 154.62500   Screven Co BOE TRS 463.20000 DMR
BOE 469.41250 DMR   Millhaven Co 47.68000   Screven Co BOE TRS 463.61250 DMR
BOE  469.93750 DMR   Milliken & Company 151.79000   Screven Co BOE TRS 463.93750 DMR
BOE Screven HS 155.77500   Michael Newton Farm 461.62500 DMR   Screven Co BOE TRS 464.52500 DMR
Local Government 453.31250   Michael Newton Farm 463.92500 DMR   Screven Co Public Safety TRS 460.12500 DMR
Local Government 453.73750   Ogeechee Rail Cars 151.64750   Screven Co Public Safety TRS 460.31250 DMR
Local Government 453.81250   Ogeechee Rail Cars 151.73000   Venture Electronics (Screven Co) TRS 461.02500 CC8
  Ogeechee Rail Cars 152.42750   Venture Electronics (Screven Co) TRS 452.26250 CC8
Newington Frequency Tone   Ogeechee Rail Cars 152.90750   Venture Electronics (Screven Co) TRS 461.73750 CC8
Police Dispatch 155.92500 173.8   Ogeechee Rail Cars 153.02750   Venture Electronics (Screven Co) TRS 460.31250 CC8
  Oglethorpe Power Corp 854.53750   Venture Electronics (Screven Co) TRS 463.20000 CC8
Sylvania Frequency Tone     Venture Electronics (Screven Co) TRS 463.61250 CC8
Police Dispatch 158.79000 118.8     Venture Electronics (Screven Co) TRS 463.93750 CC8
Water Department 456.03750     Venture Electronics (Screven Co) TRS 462.13750 CC8
    Venture Electronics (Screven Co) TRS 461.46250 CC8
Airport (KJYL) Frequency Tone     Venture Electronics (Screven Co) TRS 452.25000 CC8
App/Dep 132.92500 CSQ     Venture Electronics (Screven Co) TRS 453.82500 CC8
KJYL Unicom 122.80000 CSQ     Venture Electronics (Sylvania Site) TRS 451.32500 DMR
KJYL WS AWOS-3 118.87500 CSQ     Venture Electronics (Sylvania Site) TRS 452.80000 DMR
    Venture Electronics (Sylvania Site) TRS 461.02500 DMR
Hospital Frequency Tone     Venture Electronics (Sylvania Site) TRS 461.50000 DMR
Screven Co Hospital 155.20500