Pike County
Conventional/DMR System
(Most agencies have migrated to the DMR System)
Link to the Pike Co DMR System
Sheriff Frequency Tone   Business Frequency Tone   Trunked Systems
MRD 154.86000 DMR   Cornerstone Communications 462.23750   User Frequency Tone
  David Harwell 43.60000  
Fire/EMS Frequency Tone   Supreme Corp 153.35000  
Fire Dispatch 154.34000 103.5    
Fire TAC 155.88750 162.2    
Local Government Frequency Tone    
Board of Education 461.93750    
Board of Education 462.16250    
Board of Education 463.48750    
Board of Education 463.56250    
Board of Education 464.91250    
Board of Education 464.52500    
Water & Sewage 456.22500    
Concord Frequency Tone    
Local Government 155.92500    
Zebulon Frequency Tone    
Sheriff Dispatch 460.18750 CC1    
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