Marion County
Conventional/DMR System
Sheriff Frequency Tone   Business Frequency Tone   Trunked Systems
Dispatch (Also Schley Co) 155.13000 Mixed   Becker Trading Co 463.83750   User Frequency Tone
Jail 155.25000   Minor Brothers Farm 461.43750  
  Oakcrest Lumber 152.37500  
Fire/EMS Frequency Tone   Partners Propane of Ga 43.76000  
EMS Dispatch 154.95500   Unimin Corporation 151.58000 DMR  
Fire Dispatch 155.22000   Unimin Corporation 159.99750 DMR  
Local Government Frequency Tone    
Board of Education 461.82500    
Water Department 153.55250 Tele    
Buena Vista Frequency Tone    
Police Dispatch 155.90250 CC2    
Police MRD 155.25000