Jenkins County
Conventional/DMR System
Most agencies have migrated to the DMR System
Link to Jenkins Co DMR System
Sheriff Frequency Tone    Business Frequency Tone    Trunked Systems
Dispatch 155.49000   Blanchard Communications 464.57500   User Frequency Tone
TAC 155.07000   Don Burke Farm 152.75000   Jenkins Co TRS 453.10000 CC11
  Carbo Ceramics 461.42500 DMR   Jenkins Co TRS 453.30000 CC11
Fire/EMS Frequency Tone    Carbo Ceramics 463.37500 DMR   Jenkins Co TRS 453.60000 CC11
EMS Dispatch 155.29500   Corrections Corp of America 451.17500 DMR   Jenkins Co TRS 453.97500 CC11
  Corrections Corp of America 451.22500 DMR   Jenkins Co TRS 460.10000 CC11
Local Government Frequency Tone    Corrections Corp of America 451.40000 DMR   Jenkins Co TRS 460.45000 CC11
BOE Jenkins Co HS 464.97500   Good Company Plantation 463.97500   Ventura Electronics TRS 451.82500  
BOE Jenkins Co ES 464.72500     Ventura Electronics TRS 452.25000  
BOE Jenkins Co HS 464.37500     Ventura Electronics TRS 452.97500  
    Ventura Electronics TRS 461.07500  
Millen Frequency Tone      Ventura Electronics TRS 461.46250  
Fire Dispatch (Countywide) 154.19000    
Police 155.43000    
Police TAC 154.99500    
Public Utilities 158.22750    
Airport (2J5) Frequency Tone     
2J5 Unicom 122.90000 CSQ    
2J5 WX AWOS-3PT 120.20000 CSQ    
2J5 WX AWOS-3PT UHF Feed 458.06250    
App/Dep 126.80000 CSQ