Jeff Davis County
Conventional System
Sheriff Frequency Tone    Business Frequency Tone    Trunked Systems
Sheriff Dispatch 155.77500 79.7   Broadcast South 161.64000   User Frequency Tone
  Hastys Communications East 152.91500 DMR  
Fire/EMS Frequency Tone    Matthew Williams Farm 160.08000  
Fire Dispatch 159.42750   Pallet One of NC 466.68750 DMR  
EMS Dispatch 159.30000   Pallet One of NC 467.00000 DMR  
EMS TAC 155.17500   Pallet One of NC 468.47500 DMR  
EMS TAC 156.02250   Pallet One of NC 469.21250 DMR  
  Pallet One of NC 469.31250 DMR  
Local Government Frequency Tone    Propex Operating Company 456.58750 DMR  
E911 159.16500   Propex Operating Company 457.28750 DMR  
EMA 156.06750   Propex Operating Company 457.66250 DMR  
Local Government 155.68500   Propex Operating Company 457.81250 DMR  
  Propex Operating Company 457.86250 DMR  
Hazlehurst Frequency Tone    Propex Operating Company 461.46250 DMR  
Fire Dispatch 154.13000   Propex Operating Company 463.73750 DMR  
Police Dispatch 155.55000    
Police TAC 155.73000    
Airport (KAZE) Frequency Tone     
KAZE Unicom 122.80000 CSQ    
KAZE WX AWOS-3 119.12500 CSQ    
App/Dep VHF 127.57500 CSQ    
App/Dep UHF 269.02500 CSQ    
Hospital Frequency Tone     
Jeff Davis County Hospital 151.98500 DMR    
College Frequency Tone     
Coastal Pines Tech College 151.77500