Candler County
Conventional/DTRS System
(Most agencies have migrated to the DTRS)
Link to SEGARRN 2C5 System
Sheriff Frequency Tone   Business Frequency Tone   Trunked Systems
Dispatch 159.09000 114.8   Blanchard Communications 461.05000   User Frequency Tone
MRD 154.74000   Kevin Kreider Farm 151.52000 DMR   Candler Co DTRS (SEGARRN) 769.10625 2C5
  Kevin Kreider Farm 151.55750 DMR   Candler Co DTRS (SEGARRN) 769.80625 2C5
Fire/EMS Frequency Tone   Oglethorpe Power Corp 154.46375 Tele   Candler Co DTRS (SEGARRN) 770.60625 2C5
EMS Dispatch 154.25000 023 DCS   Pineland Telephone Company 451.45000   Candler Co DTRS (SEGARRN) 771.33125 2C5
  Randy's Wrecker & Service 154.51500   Excelsior EMC 451.90000 DMR
Metter Frequency Tone     Excelsior EMC 463.51250 DMR
Fire Dispatch (Countywide) 158.86500 91.5    
Public Works 155.25000 DMR    
Public Works 155.61750 DMR    
Police MRD 154.74000    
Police Dispatch 155.63250    
Hospital Frequency Tone    
Candler Co Hospital 464.82500    
Airport (KMHP) Frequency Tone    
App/Dep 132.92500 CSQ    
KMHP Unicom 123.00000 CSQ    
KMHP WX AWOS-3 120.30000 CSQ    
KMHP WX Feed 453.91250